By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Trolls Were in Trouble.

When Eliza decided to focus on trolls as the first elemental group to feature in her books, she had no idea what she was about to encounter.  In the process of meeting trolls and learning through them, she developed a deep respect and affection for those individuals.  She also stumbled across a slimy character with a scheme that was dangerous to trolls and humans.  Find out the obstacles she confronts, the challenges she faces, and the solutions she helps implement.

“Fast-paced and entertaining, The Trapped Wizard is a story that will delight young audiences. As they follow the adventures of intrepid Eliza and the wise Santa and Mrs. Claus, readers will be introduced to a number of interesting characters – some funny, some kind, some very odd, some downright nasty – but all magic. Delving into themes of family, friendship, and compassion, The Trapped Wizard is a spirited tale of good overcoming evil through the magic of love and kindness.”  Paula Stuettgen, an avid reader


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