Thank you for wanting to read Santa’s interview about how he chose the sleigh, designed it, and decided to have reindeer pull it.  You will find that below.  Since each part is being released sequentially, you will find them in reverse order.  On this page you may also hear more about Trouble at the North Pole and The Last Christmas Tree as well as the author’s telling of their backstory.  Scroll down past Santa’s interview and click on the selection you want to play.  If you want to hear more than one, return to this page and select the next one.  You are welcome to listen to all.  Enjoy!

Interview with Santa

Part 3

Eliza:  “Why do reindeer pull the sleigh?”

Santa:  “On our ride we did not have any animals pulling the sleigh.  I moved it with magic alone.  I wasn’t planning on having animals attached.  Lugh recommended the animals.  He pointed out that humans expect an animal to be pulling a sleigh because that was their experience.  One without animals would look strange to humans.  ‘While you may not need an animal to do that, Lugh had noted, a sleigh without an animal pulling it appears imbalanced and odd.’”

Eliza:  “How did you choose which animal?”

Santa:  “Since we chose the North Pole as home base, reindeer seemed a natural.  They were native to the region and already being used to pull sleighs for the humans who resided there.  We discovered a group of elves, too, who tended them.”

Eliza:  “How do you feel about the choice?”

Santa:  “I have found advantages I didn’t anticipate.  They help tremendously steering the sleigh and greatly reduce my attention to that detail.  Their physical senses and intuition are great assists.”

Eliza:  “Like when they alerted you of children waiting up the year of Alex’s contest?”

Santa:  “That’s a good example.  I enjoy their company.  Best of all, the children love them.”

Part 2

Eliza:  “Who designed the sleigh?”

Santa:  “I did.”

Eliza:  “Why two seats?  Did you plan on taking Mrs. Claus with you?”

Santa:  “We discussed it, but decided one of us would be best to stay at home base just in case the elves had a problem.  I wanted the back seat to hold my bag.  I didn’t want it crowding me up front.  I made each seat roomy because I wanted to be comfortable.  That has become increasingly important with the addition of Cookie Robot, Teeny Tiny Elf, and you.”

Eliza:  “Do you like having company?”

Santa chuckled.  “The route goes faster with you along.”

Eliza:  “I see your artistry in the sleigh’s design.  It’s beautiful.  I love it.”

Santa:  “Thank you.”

Part !

Eliza:  “Why do you use a sleigh to deliver presents?”

Santa:  “When we were considering the location of our home base, I took Mrs. Claus on a sleigh ride, and she loved it.”

Eliza:  “On the ground?”

Santa:  “We started on the ground.  Our path was between hills approaching a mountain range.  I glanced at them, then at her, and veered off onto them.  We both thrilled to the up and down exhilaration they offered.”

Before Eliza could ask, Santa continued, “After a few minutes, I looked up.  She followed my gaze and smiled, leaning her head on my shoulder.  I applied additional magic, and we zoomed into the sky.  ‘You’ve found just the right delivery vehicle, Dear,’ she offered.  Although finding it was not the intent of our ride, the sleigh helped seal our decision on using the North Pole as home base.”

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