By Eva Mewes

“My name is Dan Garnett, and I want to say a few words of inroduction. I am an old man now. That means I can remember a lot more things about the old days than yesterday.

The stories I write down are probably going to be mostly about Hubey since he involved himself in almost everything I did. It was the 1930’s, the middle of the Great Depression. We didn’t have much cash money, but we always had plenty to eat. We got by and had some darn good times, too.”

And so Dan begins his entertaining peek into how his foster-uncle Hubey helped him navigate life’s challenges, sometimes wisely, sometimes unsuccessfully, but always humorously.

“Eva writes with a great understanding of Wisconsin’s rural soul. Anyone who lived during or after The Great Depression will have touching memories of their own journey stirred to life. A great read!”
Larry Heagle, comedian and entertainer

“Speaking through the character of a retired farmer named Dan Garnett, Eva Mewes captures the lean, matter-of-fact feel of how one family navigated tragedy and Great Depression with fortitude and humor (most provided by Dan’s prankster “foster-uncle” Hubey). This is a book of wisdom and reminiscence, served with a smile…and sometimes (ghost-written marriage proposals on the side of a barn, anyone?) a laugh worthy of Hubey’s bowl-of-jelly belly. ”   Michael Perry, author, Population 485

“We may be a more civilized society with all our political correctness now-a-days, but it seems to me we have all become carbon copies of each other in the process.  Eva Mewes recalls a time when everybody had and Uncle Hubey who was a little too nosey, a little bit bossy, but a heck of a fun neighbor!  If you grew up in the days when being labeled “quite a character” was a compliment, you will laugh till the milk comes out your nose while reading Hubey Gets Me Hitched.”    Nancy Erickson, amazon reviewer, book inhaler


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