By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Eliza Was Attacked in her Sleep.

Kandarry came to Eliza’s rescue, but something was not right with either one of them.  How can they be fixed?  While Santa and Merlin try to figure that out, Eliza launches into the third part of the prophecy, learning about fairies and color.  They are a lot of fun!  Eliza finally tours Mrs. Claus’s Growing Grounds, which are amazing!  However, the threat to Eliza and Kandarry is relentless.   Who is after them?  Can they be stopped?

“Every rainbow needs a storm to make it bright.  This tale of Eliza’s adventures in the magical world of color and fantastical creatures entertains and enlightens.”  Paula Stuettgen – an avid reader.

$20 includes tax and shipping

$55  Eliza three book set includes tax and shipping. Riding the Rainbow, The Healing Touch, and The Face of Treachery are a trilogy within the Eliza Series.  While you may read Riding the Rainbow separately, Elizabeth highly recommends that you purchase all three together and gives you a discount to do so.


Riding the Rainbow was the fifth book of the Eliza series. So far Elizabeth has published seven Eliza books. If you want to stay in touch with her about the series and be among the first to know when the eighth book will be released, send your email below. We do not share your e-mail, period.