Celebrate Our Partnership with Elementals in Helping Earth!

April 24 – May 1

Learn more about fairies, trees, leprechauns, and trolls and how they want to work with us to help Mother Earth.
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By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Lugh and His Crew Had Not Returned. 

They didn’t resurface after their last dive for annual maintenance at Mrs. Claus’s Growing Grounds.  What had happened to them?  A Disturbance in the water is trying to snatch Eliza.  Why?  As Eliza learns about leprechauns for her next book, she copes with avoiding the Disturbance and helping to search for Lugh and his crew.  Are the three connected?  Will the lost be found or will Eliza end up missing, too?

“I finished the first seven books in the Eliza series and am in awe of the wisdom you share in such as playful, fun, and beautiful way.”  Joyanne Kohler

$20 includes tax and shipping

By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Who Is Mittka?

As Eliza finishes the leprechaun story, a figure revered by the members of the Project Committee and the elemental community shows up unexpectedly.  Mittka.  Who is he?  What does he want?  Is he friend or foe?  Tagging along on the excursions for the book on tree devas, Mittka causes quite a stir.  At the same time, Eliza has the effects of red energy coming at her.  Find out how she handles this mysterious individual and the red energy problem.

“Elizabeth tells a great story.”  Ferris

$20 includes tax and shipping

This Year Read

A Christmas Classic!

Listen to the author Elizabeth K. Fischer read the first chapter of Trouble at the North Pole.

Sharon R. Lowry

Last May we lost an important author, editor, and partner.  In salute to her excellence, we assembled her writings into a book.  Check out Bounded in a Nutshell.  The collection of her 145 works is a rare find.