By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Are you frustrated with your advertising?

If so, you are likely making mistakes buying advertising. Find out about the twenty-six mistakes businesspeople make buying advertising. Learn how to stop making those mistakes. Discover how to take control of your advertising and end your frustration.

In revealing these twenty-six mistakes to you, Elizabeth’s goal is to help you do more effective advertising.

“This was a ‘Wow’ moment! You are so right, but I never saw it quite this way before. Thanks!” Joylene

“I just finished reading the first chapter and it really resonates with me. Before I came to work at my present job, I did not know the difference between marketing and advertising.” – Jody


“I was just invited to a big event put on by our local daily newspaper. It was put on by ‘marketing consultants.’ It almost seemed like going to a time share meeting. It was very high pressure and consisted of a one year contract for ads in the paper even though our farmers’ market is only open six months a year. I am still getting calls from the paper to sign a contract.” – Lois


  1. Mistake #1 Buying advertising by equating it with marketing
  2. Mistake #2 Buying advertising for the wrong reasons
  3. Before
  4. #3 w/o having a written marketing plan
  5. #4 w/o establishing objectives
  6. #5 w/o knowing my target market
  7. #7 w/o discovering my unique selling proposition.
  8. #8 w/o using publicity to build a business.
  9. #9 w/o setting a budget and sticking to it.
  10. #10 w/o using my plan.
  11. During
  12. #11 w/o understanding the media and how to use each well.
  13. #12 w/o deciding which are the best media to reach my market
  14. #13 w/o a clue as to the ad’s content
  15. #14 not using it to deliver a consistent message
  16. #15 w/o using a campaign long enough and with enough frequency to make a campaign effective
  17. #16 w/o knowing how to purchase the different media.
  18. #17 w/o thoroughly checking out what I am buying.
  19. #18 Buying the media’s line
  20. #19 w/o using media reps’ knowledge and expertise to my advantage.
  21. #20 w/o understanding how to negotiate with media reps
  22. After
  23. #21 not following through in-store or online.
  24. #22 not checking to see that what I ordered ran.
  25. #23 thinking that it will solve my revenue and selling problems.
  26. #24 not evaluating the marketing plan on a quarterly basis.
  27. #25 not making the buy part of a marketing system.
  28. #26 not having the courage to change how you do so.

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