By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Teeny Tiny Elf’s Mistake Caused Grave Upset in the North Pole Family.

As Estel and Oakley reveal previously undisclosed information about elves to Eliza through six excursions, an event threatens to make Eliza disappear forever, and wizards don’t know how to handle it.  An elemental group’s members who are ignored clamor for attention.  What will be the outcome of these three situations?

“Fast-paced and entertaining, The Trapped Wizard is a story that will delight young audiences. As they follow the adventures of intrepid Eliza and the wise Santa and Mrs. Claus, readers will be introduced to a number of interesting characters – some funny, some kind, some very odd, some downright nasty – but all magic. Delving into themes of family, friendship, and compassion, The Trapped Wizard is a spirited tale of good overcoming evil through the magic of love and kindness.”  Paula Stuettgen, an avid reader

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$70  Eliza four book set Trouble at the North Pole, The Last Christmas Tree,The Trapped Wizard, and Teeny Tiny Elf’s Mistakeincludes tax and shipping


Teeny Tiny Elf’s Mistake was the fourth book of the new Eliza series. So far Elizabeth has published the first four Eliza books. If you want to stay in touch with her about the series and be among the first to know when the fifth book will be released, send your email below. We do not share your e-mail, period.