By Sharon R. Lowry

You Have Discovered a Rare Find

After her retirement in 2000, Sharon R. Lowry followed her dream and started writing.  She wrote about what she knew:  memoirs of her life; poetry about her dogs, other creatures, nature, and politics; and prose about her grandparents and other relatives in her extended family.  Over the years, her interest in writing prompted her to write unusual and fascinating Christmas letters.  She also penned an intriguing first chapter of a mystery novel.

You will find 145 of her writings inside this book.   When you read them, you will realize that a collection this good is a rare find.  You will be glad to have it.  Enjoy!

My Memoirs

My Dogs and Other Creatures That Surround Me

My Love of and Appreciation for Nature

My Grandparents and Other Relatives

My Haikus, Limericks, and Sevenlings….What’s That?

My Selections That Defy Being Categorized

My Political Expressions

My Unusual Christmas Letters

My Mystery Novel


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