By Celia Stoltz

Discover the recipes used at the Atrium Bed and Breakfast. Because it’s more fun to spend time with guests than to spend time in the kitchen, a lot of the recipes in this book are not complicated. Enjoy them at home without having to fuss too much. These recipes use familiar, easily-obtainable ingredients. The most important ingredient is fresh.

From Lemon Ricotta Pancakes to Christmas Cranberry Muffins with Cranberry Butter to Lavender Lemonade to Riesling-Simmered Apricots and Pears with Yogurt Cream, you will find wonderful recipes that are easy to make!

They are simply delicious.


Who ever thought of the words breakfast and entree being used together to describe a dish? As a cook, I certainly had not. Rather than the usual breads and eggs, this cookbook offers intriguing recipes for breakfast entrees. Thirteen breakfast entree recipes are featured, including such interesting ones as Grilled Apple and Havarti Sandwiches and Italian Fresh Vegetable Strata. Follow the entree you choose with a “Weekend Dessert,” and you have a special meal indeed. The large selection of fruit dishes including my favorite, Riesling Simmered Apricots and Pears wit Yogurt Cream, all will titillate your pallet. Extra Touch Sauces and Beverages with a Twist give just that, an extra touch and a twist. Even the breads and muffins are amazing. Try the Morning Glory, the Cappuccino Chip, or the Sunrise. In a cookbook topic that gets little recognition, breakfasts, this book is a gem.


  1. Part 1 Welcome Goodies
  2. Orange Chocolate Tortilla Crisps
  3. Almond Tea Cakes
  4. Cranberry Oatmeal Welcome Cookies
  5. Tortilla Cups


  1. Part 2 Fruit Dishes
  2. Marinated Orange Slices
  3. Strawberries Romanoff
  4. Tropical Bananas
  5. Kahlua Spiced Peaches
  6. Honey Poached Pears
  7. Fruit Salsa with Melon Slices
  8. Winter Fruit Compote
  9. Riesling Simmered Apricots and Pears with Yogurt Cream
  10. Brandied Bananas
  11. Fresh Fruit Cup with Cinnamon Lemon Yogurt Drizzle
  12. Baked Apricots with Vanilla Sugar


  1. Part 3 Breads and Muffins
  2. Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins
  3. Cappuccino Chip Muffins
  4. Morning Glory Muffins
  5. Poppyseed Ricotta Muffins
  6. Sunrise Muffins
  7. Lemon Cream Scones
  8. Banana Split Bread
  9. Orange-Lemon Pound Cake


  1. Part 4 Beverages with a Twist
  2. Orange Frost
  3. Lavender Lemonade
  4. Hot Spiced Cider
  5. Tangerine Mimosas


  1. Breakfast Entreés
  2. Grand Marnier French Toast
  3. Italian Fresh Vegetable Strata
  4. Wisconsin Cheese and Egg Bake
  5. Praline Pancakes with Caramel Whipped Cream
  6. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
  7. Featherbed Eggs Casserole for Two
  8. Puff Pancake with Honey Butter
  9. Banana Walnut Waffles
  10. Layered Asparagus Brunch Bake
  11. Eggs a la Atrium
  12. Frittata wit Mozzarella
  13. Grilled Apple and Havarti “Sandwiches”
  14. Apple Strudel French Toast


  1. Weekend Desserts
  2. Peach Blueberry Cobbler
  3. Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler
  4. Spiced Apple Bread Pudding
  5. Pear Torte
  6. Apple Cake with Lemon Sauce


  1. Extra Touch Sauces
  2. Honey Butter
  3. Lemon Sauce
  4. Caramel Whipped Cream
  5. Cinnamon Lemon Yogurt Drizzle
  6. Yogurt Cream
  7. Vanilla Sugar


  1. Christmas a la Atrium
  2. Cranberry Muffins with Cranberry Butter
  3. Gingerbread Ornaments
  4. Hot Spiced Cider
  5. Raspberry Meringue Kisses

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