By Nancy Bjornson

Jesse Was Trapped.

As the darkness closed in around him, Jesse yelled, “Where am I? What is this place?”

He was trapped in a small, dark space and struggled feverishly to get out. Suddenly, Cash shook Jesse awake, and he realized that he had been dreaming.

“What did my dream mean?” Jesse asked.

No one knew for sure.

When they discovered the grave robbers’ stash in the mysterious cave, Jesse found out.

Take a trip with Jesse and Cash to Durango where they solve the mystery of who is robbing graves in the area.

Bonus Fun Facts at the end of the book.

Find out more about Hopi, horse grooming, Kachinas, U. S. Forest Service, mustangs, Navajo Indians, puma, rattlesnakes, San Juan National Forest, velvet ants, and wagon trains.


What a fun book! There were so many adventures that turned into mysteries. I am excited to see what will happen next. What will be the next adventure? Amanda McCulloch, third grade

Chapter Titles

  1. Durango
  2. Horses
  3. Forest Fire
  4. Riding Out
  5. Mystery Cave
  6. The Strangers
  7. Gruesome Discovery
  8. Hopi Reservation
  9. Kachinas
  10. The Velvet Ants
  11. Narrow Gauge Railroad
  12. The Grave Robbers
  13. Homeward Bound

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