By Nancy Bjornson

Jesse Longed for Adventure…

Jesse gazed at Majestic Mountain. He longed to be up there on a horse instead of sweeping out the ranger station. When Gus asked Jesse to be a wilderness volunteer, Jesse could hardly believe his luck.

He soon discovered that the mountain was not just all fun. There were dangers. He encountered adventures with Gus and Patch, pictured on the cover, and performed feats that he had never imagined, especially with the fool’s gold.

Find out how Jesse learns to live in the wilderness, helps to keep the wilderness green, and enjoys working with the llamas, Patch and Squirt. Follow Jesse onto the sacred ground that surrounds fool’s gold.

Bonus Fun Facts at the end of the book.

Find out more about coyotes, Crow Indians, the Crow Fair, llamas, maiasaura, Montana, mountain lions, pika, pyrite, sweat lodge, and the Pryor Wild Horse Range.


Jesse and Cash and The Fool’s Gold really kept me interested. There is a lot of valuable information about Crow Indians and their traditions, dinosaurs, artifacts, etc. I enjoyed learning about the wilderness volunteer work of repairing trails, building bridges, and enforcing camping rules. Kids will identify with the computer and Jesse’s good connections with his friends. The writing is very descriptive with humor and good vocabulary.

Chapter Titles

  1. Jesse
  2. Gus
  3. A New Twist
  4. Wild Horse
  5. Connected
  6. Opportunity
  7. The Big Okay
  8. The Llamas
  9. Animals
  10. Respect
  11. Native America
  12. Sacred Ground
  13. The Ravine
  14. The Problem
  15. Cash
  16. Ponies
  17. Cash Can Go!
  18. Second Trip
  19. Lost Scout
  20. Down the Mountain
  21. Bonding
  22. Crow Fair
  23. Celebration

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