By Dustyn Dubuque

Newell Burch Didn’t Just Survive Andersonville Prison. He actually made a difference in the lives of his fellow soldiers imprisoned with him. He improved the rations of the men around him. He “cured” his own gangrene. He helped many others who were sick. At every turn, he exercised concern for his fellowman. Find out how he accomplished all this in an unimaginable environment of filth and lack at Andersonville Prison. This is the amazing story of a man who was among the first to arrive and the last to leave Andersonville and kept a first-hand account of his experience.

“The Confederate Andersonville Prison was a place that, said one prisoner on entering, “almost froze our blood with horror” — a place so inhuman its commander was executed for war crimes. Not only did Burch live through it, but he kept a diary that survives to this day. Incredibly, Dustyn Dubuque’s book is the first robust examination of that diary and of Burch’s story. His clear-eyed first telling of it should catch the attention of both scholars and Civil War aficionados. But really, everyone should read it, so we can understand what hell we went through to get here today.” Frank Smoot, author of Farm Life: A Century of Change for Farm Families and Their Neighbors.”


  1. Part One Historiography of Prisoner of War Camps: Sickness, Causes, and Hospitals
  2. Overview of Andersonville
  3. The Prison
  4. Civil War Medicine
  5. A Catastrophic Time
  6. Causes
  7. Continual Factors
  8. Conclusion
  9. Part Two Enlistment to Imprisonment at Belle Isle
  10. Just Who Was Newell Burch?
  11. The Beginning
  12. Early Sickness
  13. Chancellorsville
  14. Gettysburg
  15. Belle Isle
  16. Understanding How to Survive
  17. Another Round of Sickness
  18. Part Three Surviving Andersonville with Resourcefulness
  19. Newell Burch and Eben Ely
  20. Entering Andersonville
  21. Dietary Restrictions
  22. Working in the Hospital
  23. Parole
  24. Conclusion  A Remarkable Man
  25. Life After War
  26. Astonishing Survival

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