By Larry Heagle

Larry Heagle’s greatest skill as a songwriter and performer is to direct our attention to the comedy that surrounds us. Your first response to the obvious pleasure he derives from what he does for a living is to wonder just what the hell he thinks is so funny? Before too long, you find yourself in on the joke-it’s you and us and him-we’re what’s so damn funny. Viewed from that precious skewed Heaglian angle, you can laugh at just about anything, and you had better, too, or you’ll be the most ridiculous person in the crowd!

Larry Heagle’s songs almost always turn into sing-a-longs. You find yourself singing along without being asked. After all, the songs are about you, and you are a big part of the show. This album is true to Larry’s magnetic spirit. It is vintage Heagle, and with him it’s always a good year!

Bill Nolte
Proprietor, The Joynt
Eau Claire, Wisconsin


  1. Sweet Little Lady Yvonne
  2. Short Daddy
  3. Butthead Polka
  4. The Nose Song
  5. Irish Drinking Song
  6. 800-Talkin’ Blues
  7. Bath Tub Song
  8. Vasectomy Song
  9. Iowa Ditch Weed
  10. Old Man’s Lament
  11. The Wood Tick Song

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