By Nancy Bjornson

Jesse Didn’t Expect This Danger in the Wilderness.

Eight people stood shoulder to shoulder with the handles of their shovels pushed as far into the ground as they could manage.

“One, two, three. Now push down hard!”

Their eyes bulged, their muscles grew taut, and sweat streamed down their faces as they simultaneously applied pressure underneath the rock. For a split second, the rock rose slightly but then disappointingly settled back down.

“Okay, it moved a little so let’s give it another shot. One, two, three, heave!” This time, as they pushed, the rock lifted out of the hole and teetered on the edge.

Together, they stretched out their shovels and gave the rock one more shove. With a shudder, the rock burst off the ledge and rolled down the mountainside, gaining speed, pin-balling off trees, smashing, crashing, and destroying shrubs in its way, until it hit a ledge.

“Hey!” They heard someone yell.

Find out the missing man’s identity and how Jesse and Cash deal with him.

Bonus Fun Facts at the end of the book.

Find out more about Bonneville Lock and Dam, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, huckleberries, Lewis and Clark, mountain goats, Olympic National Forest, orcas, Portland Rose Garden, S’Klallam, Sacajawea, salmon, Shoshone, and water bars.

Reader Comment

“I have enjoyed reading the whole Jesse and Cash series. I like how Jesse and Cash are always trying to solve a mystery and all the different places they travel. Jesse and Cash have great teamwork. I would love to have adventures like they do with my cousin!” Riley Feddersen

Chapter Titles

  1. I Need a Job!
  2. Student Conservation Association
  3. Computers
  4. Preparations
  5. On Their Way
  6. The Send Off
  7. First Night
  8. Work Begins
  9. Solution
  10. Decisions
  11. Progress
  12. Fishing
  13. Bear
  14. Friday
  15. Free Time
  16. Making Plans
  17. Building a Bridge
  18. Boulder
  19. SCA Meets the Press
  20. Worksite Ends
  21. Space Needle
  22. On to Neenie’s
  23. Victoria
  24. Water and Woods
  25. Mount St. Helen’s
  26. Lewis and Clark Motel

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