By Elizabeth K. Fischer

What Are Christmas Trees Doing in Santa’s Bag?

Did you know Santa rescues hundreds of Christmas trees left on the lot Christmas Eve because they hadn’t found a home?  When Santa and Teeny Tiny Elf picked up the last Christmas tree of the season, they unintentionally set in motion events that would change their lives forever.  As the events unfolded, mysteries were solved, danger threatened from an unknown source, and unexpected occurrences tipped their world upside down.

“Be ready for some hair-raising episodes and some delightful entertainment by the characters in this Eliza book. The story delves into the mysterious world of Energy and the Natural World to reveal deep truths that resonate in the hearts of human relationships. You will recoil at the darkness that infects Eliza’s journey to Truth as you revel in the Wonder and Light that blesses us all.”  – Kathleen LeDuc

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The Last Christmas Tree was the second book of the new Eliza series. So far Elizabeth has published the first four Eliza books. If you want to stay in touch with her about the series and be among the first to know when the fifth book will be released, send your email below. We do not share your e-mail, period.