By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Santa Is Misreading Eliza’s Mind.

How can that happen?  Meanwhile, he is instructing her on freezing and shooting lightning bolts.  Grandfather is teaching her healing.  At his lessons she meets and becomes acquainted with Navva, who has a troubled upbringing.  The story builds to a terrifying climax.

“In her Eliza books, Elizabeth K. Fischer stirs magic and fantasy into a classic family story of a spirited girl. And, without us really noticing, she enlightens: not only about living harmoniously, not only about the ways of trolls and elves and sylphs, but about, say, the Sámi people of Finland. But Fischer’s best tricks are to give us characters who are real people — even when they might not be people at all — and to leave us wanting more.”   Frank Smoot

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$55  Eliza three book set includes tax and shipping. Riding the Rainbow, The Healing Touch, and The Face of Treachery are a trilogy within the Eliza Series.  While you may read The Healing Touch separately, Elizabeth highly recommends that you purchase all three together and gives you a discount to do so.


The Healing Touch was the sixth book of the Eliza series. So far Elizabeth has published seven Eliza books. If you want to stay in touch with her about the series and be among the first to know when the eighth book will be released, send your email below. We do not share your e-mail, period.