We Are Excited to Announce the Release of the Fourth Eliza Book, Teeny Tiny Elf’s Mistake

By Elizabeth K. Fischer

Teeny Tiny Elf’s mistake caused grave upset in the North Pole family.

As Estel and Oakley reveal previously undisclosed information about elves to Eliza through six excursions, an event threatens to make Eliza disappear forever, and wizards don’t know how to handle it.  An elemental group’s members who are ignored clamor for attention.  What will be the outcome of these three situations?

“This newest chapter in the many adventures of Eliza and her friends explores the mystical realm as well as the very real world. Her family relationships are further uncovered in this story and the importance of caring for others – both animal, mineral and elemental – is a constant and consistent theme. A very good read!”  Paula Stuettgen, Avid Reader

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$70 Eliza four book set Trouble at the North Pole, The Last Christmas Tree,The Trapped Wizard, and Teeny Tiny Elf’s Mistake     Includes tax.  FREE shipping

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Listen to the author Elizabeth K. Fischer read the first chapter of Trouble at the North Pole.

Sharon R. Lowry

Last May we lost an important author, editor, and partner.  In salute to her excellence, we assembled her writings into a book.  Check out Bounded in a Nutshell.  The collection of her 145 works is a rare find.