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April 24, Day 1Appreciating trees.  Why do we have trees?  What purpose do they serve on the planet?  Master gardener Melissa Burke will help us understand trees and their role in our environment.  Why do both leprechauns and elves love trees dearly?

April 25, Day 2.  Delve further into trees’ role through the fungi network that connects them and produces God’s food for leprechauns.  We call them mushrooms.  Expert Tavis Lynch will give us the basics of mushrooms and their relationship to trees. Learn why leprechauns value mushrooms so highly.

April 26, Day 3Fairies are unique Elementals, full of rhythm that they sync with plants and wildlife to tend them.  Wildlife Rehabber Patti Stangel will join us to help us recognize when baby wildlife need our assistance.

April 29, Day 4.  Trolls have an affinity for rocks and are protectors of humans.  Find out how rocks contribute to our health and that of our soil.  Soil expert Mary C. Anderson will describe the impact rocks have on our soil and the importance of healthy soil to our environment.

April 30, Day 5.  Wild plants offer nutrition and may be consumed in ways that most of us do not recognize.  Culinary expert Monica Nichols will share recipes and tips on how to use these plants in tasty dishes such as Mushroom, Potato & Ramp (Wild Leek) Soup, Dandelion Shortbread Cookies, and Chaga Coffee Latte.

May 1, Day 6.  Teeny Tiny Elf will make a special visit to celebrate Beltane, the most important day of the year to elementals.  Leprechauns have prompted humans to call it May Day.  Why do they love the day so much?  How does the day relate to the Earth and how to help her?