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Monarch Tree Publishing

Woman Edge
Listen to the author,
Eva Mewes,
read a writing from
Woman on the Edge of Age

Woman on the Edge of Age

Take a journey through the life of Eva Mewes and meet interesting people. Find your relatives in her word portraits of Bampie, Nanie, Uncle Ernie, and Grandma Carrie. Experience a barn at milking time in "Winter Milking," and understand the life of a real farmer from unloading hay to Sunday dinner. Go back to growing up on the home front during World War II and being a teenager in the fifties when "cars were power." Follow her life into the challenges of marriage, the struggles of a first apartment, and the desire for a dream home. Identify with her poignant feelings at the birth of her child in "I Fell for You, Babe." Receive Eva's perspective on getting older and dealing with parents as they age.

This is a book of writings that beautifully express the life experiences of Eva and, perhaps, of you.


  1. Part 1 Where I Am From
  2. Where I Am From
  3. Great-Aunt Mary
  4. Nanie Cooking
  5. Bampie
  6. Grandma Carrie
  7. American Hero
  8. Minnie
  9. The Heart Place

  10. Part 2 My Dad Was a Real Farmer
  11. Disparate Marriage
  12. Farm Kitchen in Three Parts
  13. Winter Milking
  14. Last Load In
  15. My Dad Was a Real Farmer
  16. World War II
  17. Summer of '44
  18. Song of the Fifties
  19. Friday Night Fashion
  20. Last Dance
  21. Yearning
  22. Betrayal

  23. Part 3 It Might Have Been
  24. A Love Story
  25. Let Summer Be My Love
  26. River on a Summer Evening
  27. Lovers As Aztecs
  28. It Might Have Been
  29. First Apartment
  30. It Has Always Looked Half-Furnished
  31. Dream House
  32. I Fell for You, Babe
  33. The Library at Kenosha
  34. Accepting Cash or Credit Cards
  35. Good and Better
  36. We Carry It All

  37. Part 4 Who Folded This Map, Anyway?
  38. From My Window
  39. Unspoken, But Heard
  40. Life in a Drawer
  41. Midnight in the Temperate Zone
  42. The Woman Who Lost Things
  43. Who Folded This Map, Anyway?
  44. Get a Perm
  45. My Mother's Eyes
  46. The Woman Who Loved a Horse
  47. The Bone Singer
  48. Summer of '06
  49. The Older I Get, the More Things Change
  50. Selective Memory
  51. Woman on the Edge of Age
  52. Writing Is...

Price: $15.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling.

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