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Sharpening Shadows
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Sharpening Shadows

Sharpening Shadows

The innermost secrets of three women are revealed as they "tell all" in three self-therapy sessions. One is coping with rape. One is haunted by an abortion. One is struggling through the aftermath of divorce. Go through these sessions with them as they discover how to deal with their problems. This novel illustrates the healing power of self-therapy.

Are You Alone in Your Problems?

“A powerful novel that stimulates your mind to want to heal your own life problems, either big or small.” Lindsay Bares, College Student

Lynn Chaudoir, College Student comments that “As a younger college student I could relate especially to Kimberly and some of the feelings that she felt. I thought this book did a great job of touching on some issues and feelings that many women experience and/or can relate to.”


  1. Daddy's Little Girl
  2. Deja Vu
  3. The Dean
  4. His Cup Runneth Over
  5. Eureka
  6. Happenstance
  7. Aftermath

  8. Prologue
  9. Kimberly (Round 1 Session1)
  10. Debbie (Round 1 Session 2)
  11. Mary Anne (Round 1 Session 3)

  12. Prologue
  13. Debbie (Round 2 Session 1)
  14. Mary Anne (Round 2 Session 2)
  15. Kimberly (Round 2 Session 3)

  16. Prologue
  17. Mary Anne (Round 3 Session 1)
  18. Debbie (Round 3 Session 2)
  19. Kimberly (Round 3 Session 3)

  20. Epilogue
  21. Crying Out
  22. Reflections

Price: $15 plus tax, shipping and handling.

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