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Just Read
Listen to Nancy Bjornson
read her poem,
featured in
Just Read the Darn Thing!

Just Read the Darn Thing!

Get a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy the stories, memoirs, and poems of the Chippewa Valley Writers' Group. Find out how the book got its title next.

The first time that we were called upon to read our writings to the group, many of us hesitated. We hemmed and hawed, explained what we wanted to accomplish, and apologized for not having achieved it. All of these antics were procrastination, hoping to delay or duck reading our writings. Sheila Doering, the founder of our group, recognized all these tactics. Her response was, "Just read the darn thing!" After that strong admonition, what else could we do?

In fond memory of Sheila’s encouragement, we dedicate this book to her and urge you to "Just Read the Darn Thing!"

Look How Far We Have Come

“I just picked up your book and want to congratulate all of you for doing such a great job. The book looks terrific, is very readable, and your stories/poems are absolutely delightful!” Diane Stehr


Lee says, “I like the format of this book. The photos and intros by the authors followed by a few selections of their writings is a great recipe! I am going to enjoy reading the book cover to cover! I will take the book along for show and tell at our next writers' group meeting. I am sure that they will be impressed as well. Tell your fellow writers that we are wowed here in Colorado, even before reading the contributions! I am so pleased that you have a hit on your hands.”


From delightful childrens' stories to reflective poetry to poignant memoirs, this book offers something for every reader. The writers wrote about what they know, which makes the pieces even more meaningful. The writings are organized by writer with a picture and a bio of the writer opening the writer's section. Pictures which illustrate the writings are included, many taken by the writers themselves. The compilation of each writer's works will give you an insight into the writer's life.

Featuring Writings from

  1. Sheila Doering
  2. Nancy Bjornson
  3. Gladys Block
  4. Judy Hable
  5. Kathryn Harrington
  6. Meredith Ingram
  7. Sharon Lowry
  8. Eva Mewes
  9. Jean O'Neill
  10. Carol Seppa
  11. Sue Thibado
  12. Diane Vlcek
  13. Sallie Ward
  14. Marilyn Waldbuesser
  15. Elaine Ver Haagh

Price: $15 plus tax, shipping and handling.

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