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Ilets for Incident at the Bruce Mine Shaft

Chapter 1

Sauna History and the Sun Compass.

Mesaba Park and the Snaring and Tracking Rabbits.

Chapter 2

Hibbing Socialist Hall and Virginia Opera House.

Cooperative Co-op Stores.

Finnish Population in Minnesota and the Orchestra Pit.

Tyomies Building in Superior and the Praying Mantis.

Jean Sebelius and Finlandia and the Finnish on the Titanic.

Chapter 3

HMS Pinafore and Henry Oliver and the Oliver Iron Mining Company.

Mine Blasters and the Babychicks.

MN Governor Johnson and the 1907 Strike

Western Federation of Miners and the 1905 Range Strikes.

Chicken Plucking and Kosher Killing and the Jewish Settlers.

Chapter 4

Upper Peninsula of Michigan Copper Mines Christmas Eve.

Finnish Women, Oscar Corgan and Bill Haywood

White and Red Finns Finnish War of Independence and Civit War.

Chapter 5

Immigrant School Children,William Blake and Hibbing High School

Santa Lucia, Moving Hibbing and Diego Rivera.

Chapter 6

Bolsheviks, Fish in Ice and Army Tent Worms.

Spring Work Bee, Tyomies Newspaper and Society and Reading at Work.

Chapter 7

Spies and Pinkertons and 1906-1916 Union Activity and Lumbering Strike.

Lucky Strike and Camel and Karl Marx.

Duluth Theaters, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and Cain and Abel.

Chapter 8

Dunwoody Junction and Maple, Birch, and Tamarack Trees.

Grouse and Bruce Mine Shaft.

Chapter 9

Shotgun Shells and Chisolm Maintenance Shops.

Guns Shipped to Chisolm Police 1924 by Oliver Mining Company.

Chapter 10

Pithing and Kosher Meats

Chapter 11

Pets, Scopes Trial and Charles Darwin.

Country and City Mouse and Gutenberg.

Chapter 12

Slaughter House Arbattoir.

Chapter 14

Lyric Theater and Floradora.

Gypsies and People's Labor College, Duluth, MN.

Chapter 15

Sheriff Murphy, Ants Milking Aphids and Minnesota Gold Rush.

Scrip Payroll and Entertainment Business Vaudeville.

Virgina's Socialists Use Opera House for Organizing.

Duluth Socialism and Mayors of Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Duluth.

Sheriff Otto Langum and Thomas Van Lear.

Chapter 16

Lee Mine Missing.

Chapter 17

Bonfires, Homecoming Traditions, and IWW Socialist Newspapers.

Cherry Tigers Blake's Tyger and Grand Knight Knights of Columbus.

Chapter 19

Sawmill and Tsar Nicholas IV.

Chapter 20

Mining Accidents

Chapter 22

Finnish Funerals, Cutting Lake Ice, and Army Worm Wine.

Chapter 25

Breezeway and Melting Pot.

Chapter 26

Medical College of Wisconsin.

Chapter 27

Water Skippers and Kavela.

Chapter 28

IWW and Commission of Public Safety MN.

Chapter 30

Be Still My Soul Finlandia and IWW Funeral Procession in Eveleth,

IWW Men and Women Marching in Eveleth 1916.

Chapter 31

Messenger Dog.

Chapter 33

Les Internationalle, Communion, and Outhouse.

Chapter 35

First Communist Mayor 1932.

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