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Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques E-book

Painting is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to change the look of anything from lamps to furniture to an entire room. Instructions for seven faux finishing techniques are available in Painting Techniques e-book including dual wool roller, bagging- smooshing, crackle, stripes, Manda Mudd, ragging, sponging, and denim-linen look along with three projects: crackle clock, architechural wooden cabinet, and painted vanity.

The Dual Wool Roller by Wagner has a split head and uses a split paint tray, allowing you to apply two colors of paint onto your wall with one motion.

Bagging or smooshing walls is easy to do. The distinctive pattern that results adds depth to the walls and is uniquely your own creation.

Combine sponging with striping to give a textured look to the stripes.

Crackle leaves an attractive finish. Kay prefers to use it on furniture because it is difficult to apply on vertical walls.

Manda Mudd helps you "create the beauty of time-worn plastered walls yourself." A three-step process that you can apply to most rooms in a day, Manda Mudd gives your walls the textured look of plaster in one of 42 colors.

Ragging gives a soft, delicate, textured effect that looks particularly good on furniture and artwork. Each rag that you use is so different that the end result is truly unique.

Sponging is easy and quick. Use it on walls, ceilings, and furniture to give them a textured look. Engage your creative juices and sponge on different colors together. Let your imagination sponge a unique look all your own!

The denim look adds a youthful appearance to a room. Be creative and use it on other pieces such as matting on a painting. Using the textured pad in both a vertical and a horizontal direction gives a formal, linen look. This is a very nice look for your dining room.

Crackle painting adds an antique look to accent pieces. Here are step-by-step directions on applying crackle to a clock.

Give an old wooden cabinet new life and a new look or repaint rather than replace an old vanity by applying a faux finishing technique.

Buy Painting Techniques E-book and download it into your computer!

Price: $7.95 each plus tax, if applicable.
All e-books are sent online as a .pdf within two days.

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