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All Through the Home - Kitchens E-book

In All Through the Home - Kitchens, Kay Kaduce leads you through the ten steps to remodeling your kitchen, answering your questions. Then she shows you five kitchens that she remodeled, telling you what changes were made, why they were done, and how to do them step-by-step.

In Jenny's kitchen you learn how moving a door fixes a lack of counter space.

In making these changes to Jenny's kitchen, we opened up the kitchen into her living room, which also necessitated redoing that room in the same colorations.

Deb's kitchen redo gives you ideas of where to start your remodel. A simple little pear inspires her new kitchen with old world charm.

The LaValle kitchen redesign tells you how to address a traffic flow problem.

Michelle and Greg's kitchen elegant design accommodates two cooks and a growing family.

This elegance flows seamlessly from their kitchen, opening into their great room.

The face lift to Tracey's kitchen shows how a coffee cup motif and stamping make a light, bright, fun kitchen.

Discover the ten steps to remodeling your kitchen.

From this book, you receive practical suggestions of what you can do to remodel your kitchen, whether your involvement is just in the planning or as a do-it-yourself project. You learn how to look at solving your kitchen's problems in creative ways. This variety of remodel examples along with ten steps are helpful in discovering where to start and what to consider when remodeling your kitchen. In addition, you receive these "how to" instructions:

  1. How to Choose My Colors
  2. How to Replace a Light Fixture
  3. How to Use a Miter Saw
  4. How to Install a Vinyl Tile Floor
  5. How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile
  6. How to Apply Wall Words

Price: $14.95 plus tax, if applicable.
All e-books are sent online as a .pdf within two days.

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